Monday, October 3, 2011

Crosstrainer- A Personal Trainer On Your Computer

Serious about getting fit? Crosstrainer is the most comprehensive fitness program available—a perfect balance of exercise and nutrition. Crosstrainer was designed by the Canadian Amateur Wrestling Association and is backed by members of the armed forces, police and fire departments. The program is popular with fitness experts throughout Canada and the United States for good reason.

Fitness is all about you and Crosstrainer incorporates more personal factors and provides more exercise and training options than any other program. If you have the commitment, Crosstrainer has the capacity to help you meet your fitness goal.

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Fitness Features:

Personal Information

Start with five easy to complete forms including Heart Rate and Training Zones. Use the convenient on-screen timer to measure your heart rate at rest, Crosstrainer calculates target heart rate ranges at increasing levels of activity.


Fitness experts recommend a combination of aerobic and strength training activities for maximum fitness. Crosstrainer includes both training modules with specific recommended activities and detailed tracking mechanisms.

Strength Training Module: Crosstrainer offers a list of workouts. Choose your category and then choose your workout type. For example, select Strength, and then pick from a long list of workouts targeting specific areas of your body or just try Get Huge. Crosstrainer displays a list of specific exercises in the main screen complete with muscle group, set, reps, and weight if applicable. Not sure about an exercise? Click on its name to see a photo showing proper form and written instructions.

Cardio (Aerobic) Module: Look at these as activities. Start by selecting your category just as you did in the Strength Training Module. And, everything counts: from playing with children around the house to surfing, soccer and scuba diving. Enter a wealth of details for each activity. Crosstrainer will calculate your pace and calories burned.


Move on to Nutrition and set up your diet. You can customize the number of meals and snacks to reflect your eating schedule. You’ll find an exhaustive list of foods and corresponding nutrients to easily record and track your consumption.

Bonus Features
  • Adapt popular diets into your nutrition plan: Select Atkins, Carbohydrate Addicts, Macrobiotics, Protein Power, Weight Watchers or The Zone.
  • Recipe book with a selection of recipes including diabetic, low carb, and low sugar. Add your own too.
  • Water Bar in the Nutrition module lets you track water consumption and measure against your goal.
  • Strength training workouts to complement specific sports like football, golf and skiing.
  • Find the perfect workout? Share with other Crosstrainer users by clicking the web button. Others can easily download it directly into their Crosstrainer program.

Exercise & Nutrition:

Ease of Use:

Crosstrainer is well designed to make navigation easy and intuitive. See your monthly calendar, activities, goals, personal watches and wellness alerts all on one page. Each module is consistent and thorough. Use the summary function to generate reports and graphs to better analyze your progress and easily compare results when you modify your regime.


Crosstrainer has several help resources available. The Help section is adequate, but not searchable. The glossary defines common fitness terms, but doesn’t include terms specific to Crosstrainer. The support for this program could be improved, but don’t let this deter you. If you have a question, use the online form. Crosstrainer support is responsive and helpful. Also, share your progress with other Crosstrainer users in the online user forum. There is a helpful FAQs section and the user forum is searchable.


Crosstrainer is the definitive program for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those who just need some support for their newfound resolve. Designed by experts, it offers a solid, tested approach to fitness with the right balance of nutrition, exercise and motivational tools. Take your fitness to the next level with this well designed program.

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